The Fort Ross Bicentennial Conference
24 - 27 April 2012
Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel, Santa Rosa, California
Fort Ross, Jenner, California

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Purpose: A conference to address the unfolding history of the past 200 years of Fort Ross and to inform the public of new advances that have been undertaken in the recent donor partnerships at a time when the California park system is in crisis.
Scheduling: The conference will be held in the spring of the bicentennial year, when scholarly experts are accustomed to making presentations and students are finishing end-of-semester projects.
Venues: Participants will be lodged at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel in Santa Rosa, the venue for the formal presentations, and for certain cultural events. Participants will travel to Fort Ross for meetings with the community, and to partake in the most significant cultural events.
Speakers: American and Russian experts will give three days of presentations on the establishment and growth of Fort Ross and its impact on the local area. It is hoped that video-conferencing will be available for those unable to travel to the conference site.
Exhibits: Historical maps from the National Library in Washington DC and from the Russian Naval Archives; specially produced photographs of past and present Kashaya elders by William Heick Senior and Junior; selections from the Sonoma County Museum's "Encounters on the Pacific Coast: Indigenous Peoples," juxtaposed with "The Tsars' Cabinet."
Historic Ball: the public is invited to an historic ball and dinner, featuring a display of 19th century costumes made for Fort Ross (costumes sponsored by the Renova Fort Ross Foundation). You can purchase advance tickets for this special evening event at Brown Paper Tickets.
Student Participation: Students of Russian from local universities will participate actively in the conference in various ways. In particular, students of Russian from UC Berkeley are preparing to participate in a dialogue "Juno and Avos" with renowned poet Polina Barkova.
Cultural Presentations: International poet Polina Barskova will present a joint creation with students and artists of the famous 1806 love story of Rezanov and Concepcion, including a video installation. Kashaya representatives will tell stories from their traditions.
Liquid Theater: In a major coup for the Sonoma region, the Liquid Theater company will offer a unique Fort Ross site-specific work planned specifically for the Fort Ross Bicentennial Conference. The Society of Living Traditions thanks the Renova Fort Ross Foundation for supporting the creation of this original and exciting performance. In partnership with the San Francisco International Arts Festival, the Society of Living Traditions has brought Liquid Theater, originally from Chelyabinsk, to the US. The company will make its US debut with a specially created "Fort Ross" performance and with a performance of the award-winning Antidot at Gualala Arts and in the San Francisco International Arts Festival.
Fort Ross and its Community: The final day of the conference will take place in Fort Ross. Participants will visit Fort Ross State Historic Park to tour the archaeological sites and historic cemetery, and eat lunch in the compound. This group's transportation and lunch are donated by the Fort Ross Conservancy. Before returning to Santa Rosa, the group will meet the local community and enjoy a production by the Liquid Theater company of a specially created performance for this last day of the Fort Ross Bicentennial conference.
This performance is funded by The Trust for Mutual Understanding and The Renova Fort Ross Foundation and is presented by The Society of Living Traditions.

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